So many options to integrate the top of your bag

The Cobra King F6 Hybrid

Making sure your Hybrids integrate into your Iron and Fairway Wood configuration and
your performance with those clubs makes a big difference out on the course.
The Cobra King F6 Hybrid gives us so many options to help you achieve just that.

Three different lofts actually deliver 24 different loft / face angle settings from 16 to 25°.
Along with the different shaft flex, that means we can really tune the performance at the top of your bag.

Better planned distance gaps at the top of your bag, along with the ability to hit your planned number more often,
takes a lot of pressure off your game. And you know there’s a secret pleasure at landing a long approach on the green and watching it stop.
Fitted Hybrids, integrated into your set, make a big difference.
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