A ‘ripple effect’ on your tee shot performance

Srixon Z 565 Driver

Real, clean beauty packed with technology to make you much more consistent off the tee.

You’ll hear a lot about the ‘ripple effect’ in
Srixon advertising. It’s a technology designed
to increase the COR lower on the face,
creating higher ball speeds and a better
launch from an area where regular golfers
often strike the ball.

The cup of the face has been extended.
That allows more of the head to flex
and actually increases the size of the
hitting zone by 10%.

Weight has been redistributed after being
saved in the crown. Lateral MOI has been
improved, protecting ball speed and
accuracy on either side of the sweet spot.

With the Z65 series Drivers we can adjust loft, face angle and lie to match your swing path, plane, angle of attack and preference for ball flight.

As well as adjusting the CG location we can also change the feel of the driver to match your preference.