Forgiveness to the Max
PING G400 Max Driver

We know you want to be consistently long and straight, not just occasionally perfect.
Some of you have the consistency of swing. Most of us would appreciate some help. 


7 Handicap

15 Handicap

When you miss the sweet spot; the higher the MOI of the Driver; the the more stable the club;
the more accurate your shot remains; the further the ball travels. For most golfers that’s great news.

Incredibly high MOI

So in the PING G400 Max,
tungsten weighting and a
higher-density back weight,
which achieve a combined MOI
of over 9,900 and the deepest CG ever,
is great for your game.

The larger profile looks good.
It breeds confidence.
It’s more than good looks though.
The crown materials and design allows
the head to flex (creating ball speed)
while saving weight that helps to
drive that MOI figure.

As well as forgiveness to the MAX,
the forged face is designed to flex
to the MAX to deliver every bit of ball
speed possible from the swing and impact.

We think this is a breakthrough Driver for most golfers. If you’re looking to work the ball, or control trajectory,
there are other alternatives we’d look at, but for anyone looking for the fairway more often, with longer
distance more often, the the PING G400 MAX might be the dream Driver. Come and check out your performance.
Can we max out your game from the tee box?