Your numbers don’t lie
A fresh approach to approach play

You’ve probably heard the term “greens in regulation”. If you hit the green to give yourself a birdie putt on any hole, you’ve hit it ‘in regulation’. This is an important number, but there’s another one that could be even more useful for you.

How many of your approach shots from 130 yards find the green during a typical round? Is it less than 50%?

For your next three rounds, keep a record of the number of greens you find on approach shots from 130 yards. If you’re missing the green more than half of the time, we’re going to completely transform your playing experience.

What is the scoring impact when you miss the green from this distance? Is your short game bailing you out, or are you dropping shots?

How much are missed approach shots affecting your enjoyment?

Better approach play

Striking a mid-iron and watching it stop on the green is one of the most satisfying experiences in golf. We want you to experience this more often. And the first step in doing that is an assessment.