A year for a journey shared

Golf is meant to be a journey shared. In fact, well over 50% of golfers say that “fun with friends” is MUCH more important than being super competitive. Golf is a ‘human’ pastime. We want to put more friendship and more social connection back into golf while encouraging you to reach new heights TOGETHER. 

We’re looking for between 6 – 12 golfers to start a shared journey. From the 80s into the 70s on your scorecard. We want you to be the master of many golfing skills.

We want you to make new friendships forged by a common goal and grown by a fun experience. We want you to encourage and nurture others on the pathway while being humble enough to be nurtured and encouraged yourself.

This is going to be fun

At the end of this journey, you’ll have new friends, new playing partners, and a new feeling for the game. This will change everything for you. Talk to us about this plan now.