Ask yourself the question
“Are my irons pushing me?”

You set up parallel to your target line, the ball is positioned perfectly in your stance, and you executed a good swing, yet you still pushed the shot and missed the green. Why? The answer could lie with your actual iron.

When your lie angle is out by just 1 degree, you can stray up to 10 feet wide of your target. That’s the difference between finding the green and missing it.

Are your irons lying to you?
Lie angle is the angle between the shaft and the ground at address. If you’re struggling with pushed shots, your lie angle could be too flat, causing a toe bias at impact, which opens the face and pushes your ball at launch.

Don’t compensate

Playing with clubs that aren’t fitted can cause you to subconsciously compensate for the incorrect fit with your swing. This creates all sorts of issues and makes consistency even tougher to come by.