At the core of any golf ball discussion

We don’t get asked as much as we should about your golf ball. It’s the piece of equipment you use the most. And golf balls do feel and behave differently to each other.
And the same golf ball will behave differently for different golfers.

Even lower priced golf balls behave very differently to each other. Your choice depends on your golf swing and which performance characteristic is most important to you.

When choosing one of Srixon’s 2-piece golf balls you’ll probably be interested in the fact that the Soft Feel has the lowest
compression working for even the slower swing speeds. The AD333 utilises the Srixon Energetic Growth Gradient core
that balances ball speed, trajectory, feel and spin for you. It might be a little firm for the slowest swing speed golfers.

Srixon AD333Tour

Moderate to quick swing speed golfers,
with a priority on greenside control,
in our opinion, won’t get more spin per
rand than they will with the AD333 Tour.

Srixon Z-Star

A premium golf ball with a softer
compression that delivers distance
and spin. Of all the Srixon Tour Balls,
this one will have a slightly higher
trajectory, softer feel and more spin. 

Srixon Z-Star XV

Probably only for those with more
aggressive swings, generating good
ball speed on tee shots. The trajectory
and spin will ensure a long ball flight.
Retains exceptional greenside control.