Unlock lower scores

Become a wedge wizard

Sharper wedge play and more control around the greens is one of the quickest ways to improve your score and find more joy on the golf course.

Do you have a dedicated technique for each type of wedge shot? Can you control your ball? Can you control flight and spin?

Good pitching and chipping technique. You’re able to get up and down from around the green in 3 shots or less.

You’re able to control the ball from 60 yards in, and it’s not uncommon for you to get up and down from anywhere around the green.

Wedge wizard
You’re able to play around with trajectory and spin to control the landing and run out of the ball. You’re aiming to get up and down from anywhere inside 40 yards.

If you haven’t broken 85 by now

Better wedge play could be your key to unlocking lower scores and a better overall playing experience.