Designed to allow the mid and higher handicap golfer experience, both the feel of a great golf shot AND an improvement in ball flight and consistency. We think these irons will improve pleasure and performance for the largest group of our golfers.

Along with the urethane microspheres, the forged body creates a great feel that most looking at this iron will never have experienced before.

The combination of the tungsten weights and AI designed flash face will both increase and protect ball speed across the face. The ball will travel further. The club will be more forgiving and accurate on mishits.

The offset in the design will help those with an inclination to miss the target on the fade side to square the face. The benefit of that will be more mid irons that hit the green. 

Experience what forged
forgiveness can mean

This is an iron that delivers ‘experience’ on so many levels. Which levels are important to you? And what can that feel like? Come and let us give you that experience.