Most golfers will see improvements
Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

Again, from Cleveland, simple design that focuses on what most golfers need:
Consistency of ball striking; some more distance; better control.
Want to see how much?

Better mid &
long-Iron performance

Notice how the longer Irons have
a lower profile, and thicker top line.
Design features that make long and
mid Irons easier to launch, both
higher and more consistently.

More consistent contact

The ‘V-shape’ sole design means that the club
passes through the turf more easily for cleaner,
more consistently solid contact.

Sweeter ball striking

The hosel design allows the sweet spot to be
brought closer to the centre of the face.
This weight placement also creates a more
stable club head, and a larger hitting zone for
sweeter contact and straighter ball flight.

Further from all across the face
A face cup to join the face to the body has the
advantage of allowing the face to flex,
right up to the edge.