Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw Wedges

Those with a good and better short-game technique want their wedges to offer versatility, along with maximum control and consistency, whatever shot they’re taking on.

The RTX-3 Tour blade with a raw finish is an exciting alternative.  

Better players want
the exact distance

The tightest shot dispersion of any |
Cleveland Wedge is created by bringing
the centre of gravity even closer to the face.
That also has the added plus of improved feel.

Consistency of performance, additional control, and very importantly, spin control whatever you choose to do with the face,
is a requirement the better and best short-game players have.

Refined groove shape, a new Rotex micro-milling pattern engineered to optimize spin performance by loft (supporting a more open face often used with higher lofts),
and laser milling all add spin and consistency of spin.

The V sole design will speed the leading edge through the turf for solid,
consistent contact.

Choose from three tour grinds.

With 3 sole grinds, 10 loft options (from 46° to 64°), and 7 shaft options (changing weight and flex-point for ball flight), this wedge can be fitted
to make your short-game as sensational as possible. That translates into scorecard performance.