Does Callaway’s ‘Energy-Lensing’ matter to you? 

Actually, the best answer to this question is to ask any of our golfers you see playing with the Callaway Golf EPIC Driver.
There’s quite a few of them. And we’re being drowned with “I’ve never hit it further” feedback.   

Jailbreak’ technology in the Driver
stiffens the body, creating a higher level
of energy transfer across the whole face. 

The Exo-cage head construction stiffens
the body so that the face takes more of
the impact load for faster ball speed.

The energy lensing and 360° Face Cup technology means we usually
see at least a club length distance improvement for all golfers. 

The moment a #5 Iron approach becomes a #6 or
?even #7 Iron approach, the job becomes a lot easier.