There’s been another piece of genius

“Creating speed from a flexible milled face and adding forgiveness by positioning even more weight strategically, requires thinner-than-ever crowns, soles, and faces. That all needs to be held together in a unified whole that creates solid contact and a great sound.

The Forged Ring Construction is the key. Crafted from a lightweight and high strength aluminum, it unites the critical components of the driver's head, including the tungsten weight, into a singular force."

The aero design, inertia generator, twist face, speed pocket, milled back face cup, speed injection port, split mass weighting, and forged ring construction are all for one purpose, though. A better performance.

SIM2 tech gives
you opportunity

When we unlock the full benefit of driver design, the difference in distance and
accuracy astonishes the golfer (and often us!) Fitting the driver spec to your golf swing changes your experience beyond your imagination.