Exploiting the opportunity

Being able to use a Fairway Wood well offers you so many opportunities. Here are just two.

These represent just some of the opportunities, so let’s invest some time into the Fairway Wood(s) in your bag. 

Improve consistency

Your choice of shaft type and flex, will have a
material impact on your ability to launch the
ball (the greatest challenge most of us face) and
your ability to use a Fairway Wood
with any consistency.

A better launch

If you want to be able to hit your Fairway Woods
on a better trajectory, then let’s find the ‘Centre of Gravity’
(CoG) location in the head that fits your swing, swing
speed, and angle of attack.

More accuracy

You can improve your accuracy by up to
7 yards with just 1° of face angle adjustment.

Remember that recent research shows that 85%
of accuracy is determined by club face
angle at impact.  

Being able to hit your Fairway Woods, consistently and accurately, is a game-changer. Recover from problems. Take opportunities.