Exploring your golf data and approach shots

You’ll read statistics about golfers on the Professional Tours. A favorite is “greens in regulation”.
That’s a nice and easy statistic to keep during your round (remember to build your strokes in where relevant)
but I think there’s a more meaningful stat for most of our golfers to keep on their game if they’re looking to improve. 

Approach shot performance

For most golfers in the 8 – 20 handicap
range their ability to hit the green from
130 – 160 yards with approach shots will
tell us a lot about their game.

Keep track of that performance in your
game (if you’re in that category of golfer).

Improvement here will almost always
have a really big impact on the scorecard.

It also feels great to hit a mid iron high
and watch it stop and bite on the green.

If your percentages of greens hit from the 130 – 160 yard range is low, then (and even if your short-game is saving you) come and
have a swing assessment. This might be down to the wrong lie angle or shaft length, but it often comes down to one of poor setup;
poor aim; out-to-in swing path; or simply a poor swing plane. Don’t rely on your short-game, gain the pleasure of sweetly struck,
and accurate approach shots.