Feel balancing helps hit it closer
Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Wedges

Did you know that the sweet spot on your wedge is likely not in the center of the face? It will be towards the heel.

The weight of the hosel pulls
the center of gravity towards
the toe.

Strike the ball in the center of the face and the wedge actually twists, creating a loss of distance and accuracy.

A shorter hosel, bored out ,
saves 9 grams of mass, that van
be placed elsewhere, moving
the CoG to the center of the face.

Now you match the sweet spot and your strike zone and you have improved accuracy, better consistency, and more spin. 

Good and better wedge players will benefit from the
added feel and control of the RTX-3 Blades.

Those who want some added support with launch and
consistency will be better with the RTX-3 Cavity Backs.

A simple design step that delivers a big performance improvement for all golfers. With 2 design models each with 3 grind options,
10 lofts from 46° to 64° and the opportunity to fit you perfectly, you have the chance to play with the best scoring clubs you could possibly have.