Fight the slice, shoot lower, enjoy your golf

Most golfers struggle with a left-to-right shot shape (left handers are vice versa).
If that’s you it’s robbing you of distance; time in the fairway and on the greens; and fulfillment.
You should get that sorted now. Contact us and let’s see what the real problem is.
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You all know what causes a shot to move right (or left for left-handers) after starting in one direction.

In all of these examples the clubhead is ‘open’ to the direction the club face is pointing at impact.
That imparts left to right sidespin on the golf ball.

There are different reasons the face might be open to your swing path. Our job is to diagnose the problem you’re having and help you to improve. It’s a fun feeling as you start to hit better shots.

It’s your golf game, your swing, and your ambition. That’s where we start.
If removing a slice is an ambition, then the reward is a lot more fulfillment on the golf course with your friends.
So book an assessment now.