Fit for golf


As we become a little stiffer with age, we’re inclined to restrict many parts of our golf swing. Improving range of motion helps you make not just a better swing, but to recapture lost yards and consistency.

Just as important as an upper body turn is on the backswing, so you need to be able to extend through the impact zone and follow through.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

The hip flexor muscles must be flexible and strong if you want a stable, powerful golf swing. When they’re weak, compensation occurs, causing a number of swing limitations and injury.

This exercise helps to loosen up the hip flexor muscle so it can more easily do its job of stabilising and moving the hip complex.

f you have any aches and pains, or are unsure about exercising, then be prepared to consult a fitness Professional.
Change your life. Change your golf. Get fit for golf. Get fitter for life.