“So much SIM2 technology is now being used on tour. The evolved ‘Shape in Motion’ aero design of the flattened crown, asymmetric sole design, and inertia generator; the iconic speed pocket to protect speed off the face (especially the lower half), twist face for accuracy. Now with a forged ring construction and split mass weighting that allows so much more weight distribution.”

We love it when the brands allow a proper technician to explain how the design has been put together. If you’ve got 5 minutes, this video gives you everything you need to know about the SIM Drivers.

We would summarize as

Better players with good swing shape and attack angle, consistent strike pattern, and good ball speed will notice little difference between the SIM2 and SIM2 MAX Models. Their own swing adjustment will raise the dynamic launch if they find the trajectory slightly low on the SIM2. But most who have inconsistency in their swing shape and strike pattern golfers will find the SIM2 MAX gives them all the same speed, but naturally launches a little higher for a longer flight, with more forgiveness on those
off-center ball strikes.

For those looking for slice busters, the SIM2 MAX-D has a draw bias created by moving the forward TPS weight to the heel and repositioning the flow of the inertia generator.

SIM2 tech gives
you opportunity

When we unlock the full benefit of driver design, the difference in distance and
accuracy astonishes the golfer (and often us!) Fitting the driver spec to your golf swing changes your experience beyond your imagination.