Have you measured your greenside skills?

In the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship for Junior golfers, the participants will hit 3 chip shots to test their skill with the Wedge. If you want to copy this competition and scoring format, visit the website, www.drivechipandputt.com/rules, and select ‘Scoring / Competing’ from the menu on the left.

Easy: 3 greenside chip shots from different locations, none of which are less than 10 yards from the hole.

Medium: 2 greenside bunker shots, and 1 short 20-yard pitch shot.

Hard: 1 lob shot over a bunker, 1 longer bunker shot, 1 40-yard pitch shot.    

This is actually a great competition to play amongst friends on a quick trip down to the club. It beats running on a treadmill after work or before work, so try and fit this sort of fun practice into your schedule.

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