Ignore most of the Tour statistics

We read and hear advice based on facts and figures from the Tours. Here’s a good one:

Combined earnings analysis
2015 top 5 for driver accuracy on Tour: $4.5 million

2015 top 5 for driver distance on Tour: $27.5 million

Therefore distance matters.

That conclusion may be valid for a youngster venturing onto one of the tours around the world.
But, your priority is surely dependent on an analysis of your golf game and an understanding of your objectives.   

What’s your data telling you?

How many times in a round, when you
use your driver, do you find the fairway,
at about your target distance?

Is your ‘fairways found’ percentage
less than 40%?

Then, on the holes where you miss
the fairway, what’s the score impact?
Do you still make a net par (or better);
or are you losing shots (and balls)?

And finally, if you’re missing lots of
fairways, how much is that affecting
your enjoyment? 

Keep the data on your tee shot performance on the course.
Consider not just the impact of bad tee shots on your score, but also on your enjoyment.
If you want to improve that performance, then take some action.
We’d suggest an assessment with us to help diagnose what’s causing the challenges. It is a great first step.