Engineering a better result for you
Introducing the PING G700 Irons

Golfers who want more consistency with their ball striking, a higher ball flight with more stopping power,
and some more distance throughout the bag, will want to book a meeting with the PING G700 Irons.

PING have exploited their leadership in the area of hollow-body design and very thin steel faces, to create an Iron design that increases
the launch angle and offers a much better result from all over the face. It might look too compact, but this is a game-improvement Iron.

With the cutaway graphic, you can clearly see
how weight has been moved away from the
face to create the ball-speed and forgiveness
performance you now take for granted with
PING Metalwoods.

The face is made of an incredibly strong alloy that allow
s it to be very thin, yet flex very quickly, with a much
higher CoR to generate faster ball speeds.

We think you’ll all be impressed with the sleekness of design. A very clean looking Iron at address,
without the bulky appearance you might associate with other game improvement Irons.

You’ll notice the improvement in ease-of-use and consistency from the very first swing.
Come and try that first swing.