Ask yourself the question
“Is it really my fault?”

You just can’t hit that #6 or #5 iron. Is it your fault, really? A good swing is only half the package; there are two other important aspects of a setup that can make your long irons much easier to hit.

Do you struggle with all your irons? Or is there a definite number that marks the start of inconsistency? You don’t have to struggle. You can be consistent with your whole set.

Playing with the wrong shaft weight, type, and flex or the wrong lie angle makes consistent ball striking a struggle.

But once we’ve set you up properly (and that may involve converting irons to hybrids), you’ll be able to hit your mid-long approach shots more consistently and give yourself so many more options on the course.

Are your current irons properly fitted?

If you aren’t playing with irons that are fitted for you, then you’re doing your swing a disservice. Make sure your clubs are working with you, not against you.