Ask yourself the question
“Is my shaft cutting my drives short?”

Have you ever thought you hit your drive really well, only to find you’re 10-20 yards short? It’s not always your swing that’s to blame, neither is it always your clubhead loft settings. Often, it’s the piece of graphite in between.

If you’re losing distance despite no obvious swing error, then we’re betting there’s something about your equipment setup that isn’t right. Can we correct that?

Could your shaft be the problem?
Your shaft is the connection between your body and the clubhead. It’s the way you transfer energy to the clubhead and the golf ball. When it’s not fitted properly for you, your shaft can disturb your swing tempo and balance, causing inconsistent strikes around the hitting zone.

Fulfill your distance potential

There are thousands of shaft combinations out there. By measuring your swing speeds with a variety of shafts, we’ll find the one that’s going to help you get further down the fairway more often.