Blowing away another myth.
It’s quicker than you think.

Thinking about your golf game, where would an improvement make the most difference? Not just to your scorecard or your handicap, but to how much you enjoy the game. If you are struggling with enjoyment, then there’s a good chance it’s one of these skills:

Too many shots in the rough, lost in the woods, or far too short. Hole spoiled before you start.

Can’t get the ball up on good trajectory. Too inconsistent. It’s a struggle, tee to green.

Too many golfers sit in one or both of these categories. They’re under 100 sometimes but often struggle with that target. If that’s you, I’m betting you love your friends, and the outdoors, but the game itself is frustrating. So let’s blow a myth away.

It might take 10,000 hours to be an elite level golfer, but what if it took less than 20 hours of practice to MASTER one skill?

I’m interested, tell me more

The key to mastering a skill is not bashing away endlessly with minimal or no improvement. The right improvement identified and explained. Simple steps. The right deliberate practice drills. The right feedback. Pick a skill. Start a conversation with us. Now’s a good time.