PING always offer us the opportunity to fit you, deliver different performance benefits from different models, and then within models
to deliver different performance variations, for different golfers. The PING G400 Fairway is no different.

For the regular golfer who wants a high,
easy launch and as much distance as
possible from the fairway.


If you struggle to square the face at contact, and / or
have a slower swing speed then this model will make
it both easier to rotate the face square, and to
generate a faster club head speed.

PING G400 Stretch
If you’re looking for a Driver alternative,
and you swing the club a little faster with
better ball striking skills then the ‘Stretch’
may offer the right design.

There may be the simplest change to your setup that could improve your Fairway Wood performance with your current equipment.
Just a change of shaft might create a more consistent and higher launch. And maybe there’s some new technology that makes one
of these clubs the easiest to use, and longer by far.