Making ball striking easier for more golfers

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to
hit a #6 Iron, where you used to hit a #5 Iron,
and then watch a #7 Iron trajectory stop the ball,
in a tighter space than ever.

Yes, a combination of a COR-Eye face and a Toprail undercut cavity; unique features in these irons; creates more spring off the face for faster ball speed,
along with the higher ball flight that will deliver more distance and extra stopping power as shots hit the green.

PING have led the way for decades on Iron fitting. And now they’ve offered us more opportunity with two very interesting shafts,
designed to add accuracy and consistency, as well as distance.

The AWT 2.0 shaft has Ascending Weight Technology.
Lighter long-iron shafts help with distance and accuracy, while heavier short Iron shafts will improve your trajectory, control and feel.
The Alta CB shaft incorporates AWT technology, but includes counter-balancing, which will improve clubhead speed and make it easier to square the head at impact.