2nd Generation Boron and design

Creating a fast, forgiving, forged iron

The Mizuno JPX 900 Forged exploits the properties of boron with some neat design features (including a milled pocket)
to offer not just more forgiveness across the face, but a more stable club for greater accuracy.

The 1st generation Boron delivered a thinner face with more ball speed.
The 2nd generation has a thinner but multi-thickness face to increase ball speed of off-centre ball strikes.

Along with the multi-thickness face,
the JPX 900 Forged also has a milled pocket.
This further extends the hitting zone over an even wider area.

The extended pocket cavity allows 21.5g of weight
to be redistributed to the extreme corners for added stability and
reduced distance loss on mishits.

That’s a lot of ‘forgiveness’ and ‘distance’
performance, yet it’s delivered in a midsize
profile. It looks good at address.

If you’re a good ball striker who enjoys an iron with a great feel, then you’ll also enjoy the fact that you get all of that and
the extra ball speed on all shots. More consistency and distance mean more greens hit.
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