The JPX EZ Drivers (as put in play by Luke Donald)

For those who value easier tee shots ahead of adjustability

Three different ball flight settings (draw, neutral, fade) along with 4 separate loft settings means we can still set this Driver up for your swing speed and swing shape. 

You’ll notice the rounded crown join on this Driver. It enables more of the face to flex higher up. That adds to the forgiveness provided to higher ball strikes. The low and deeper CoG in the club head means a more stable, higher MOI Driver with a wider hitting zone.

If you’re playing with a Driver that’s 3 or possibly more years old, then you’re in for a shock. Not only do modern Drivers offer more distance (courtesy of a much better understanding of launch angles and spin rates), but the face technology means that all that extra ball speed together with the improved launch conditions is protected when you strike the face away from the centre. Why not challenge us to see how much extra distance and consistency we can deliver to you with a Driver fitting.

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