Your numbers don’t lie
More fairways, more joy

When the number of fairways you find with your driver has such a massive impact on your playing experience, it’s worthwhile keeping track of that number.

After assessing your driver and swing setup, we can help you increase this number.

What percentage of fairways do you find with your driver? Is it less than 40%?

For your next three rounds, keep a record of the number of fairways you find with your driver. If your average is under 40%, we’re going to completely transform your playing experience.

What is the scoring impact on holes where you miss the fairway? Do you still make par, or are you dropping shots and losing golf balls?

How much are missed fairways affecting your enjoyment?

Set the right tone

Once you increase the number of fairways you find, you’re going to shoot lower scores and have more fun. So if you want to improve your numbers and your game, it’s time to take action. A swing assessment is the best place to start.