No doubting the results
More powerful, more forgiving

The technology turning Tour Pros into monsters is available to you.
You might not hit it anywhere near 370 yards, 50 yards further than last year,
but there’s a lot of extra distance and it’s coming with a stack more forgiveness.
Let’s use the sensational 2018 Callaway Golf Rogue Driver as an example.

Ball speed is increased, especially in the areas away from the sweet spot.
That is achieved by allowing the face to flex faster across a wider area.
To accommodate higher impact load in the thinner face, Jailbreak Technology has been improved further.
The hour-glass titanium rods connecting the crown to the sole now double the impact
load that can be borne across the face.

Extra forgiveness is created through the combination of a face that protects your launch conditions and ball speed away
from the sweet spot, and a head that has a higher MOI rating. The thinner face and the lighter Jailbreak titanium rods,
allow weight to be re-distributed to areas that will help the driver stay square on contact, even when you miss the sweet spot.

We want to help you get the most out of your golf game. Go longer and straighter off the tee,
and you’ll have a whole lot more fulfillment (whether it’s scorecard, personal pleasure,
or the amazed look on your partners’ faces). That means you’ll likely play more golf.
So come and let’s see where technology matters for your game.