Golf with a twist
Par 18 instead of 18 holes

So you’re short on time but still want to play some golf. Instead of playing 18 holes, why not play a par 18? That’s six par 3 holes that you decide on. It’s the most fun you can have on a golf course in under an hour.

“You don’t even have to take out a full set of clubs. Your #7 iron, a wedge, and putter will do. Then you choose any six holes of the course that you prefer and convert them to par 3s (if they aren’t already) by teeing up 100-150 yards out. ”

Throw out the scorecard

Don’t restrict golf to an 18-hole, par-72, 4-hour experience. It can be so much more than that. You can choose how you want to enjoy golf each time you play. That may be a traditional format on one day and a 70-yard, 9-hole format on another day. Free yourself up to more ways of enjoying this great game.