The four reasons to love this driver

First, this driver has a huge MOI. The largest MOI rating in golf. That’s a lot of forgiveness that changes your tee-shot experiences. You should be much more consistent in your distance and should find your target area far more often. 

The extreme moment of inertia is created by several design innovations that reduce weight in the crown (dragonfly
technology), the adjustable hosel, and in the face.

The improvements in the face also create more flex in the face to help you convert swing speed into even more ball speed across a much broader area. That will deliver some extra yardage, but it’s also yardage you’ll have more consistently.

Adjustability on other drivers often compromised forgiveness and even moved the Centre of Gravity (CoG) towards the heel. The adjustable PING hosel is ultra light-weight requiring no MOI or CoG compromise. You get the full benefit of 8 settings to customize your ball flight AND MOI to the max.

Making walls and crown and face even thinner and more flexible required the design of strengthening ribs. These have also been used to tune the sound. This driver feels and sounds great.

Enjoy a hands-on review

Why not reach out to us and schedule an experience? Feel it, listen to it, watch the performance. We think we can make you feel differently about your tee-shot future.