A great solution for the regular to better golfer
PING i200 Irons

Compact with the great looks and minimal offset and control the better players appreciate,
while packed with the shot-making assistance and forgiveness regular golfers require.
These are a really nice addition, with real performance improvements.

Further, faster, more often

You’ll hit these irons higher and further,
with more consistent distance.
The face, made even thinner, flexes over
a much larger area, creating faster ball
speeds from a much larger hitting zone.

Great feel and more accuracy

The elastomer insert is wider, supporting
both a wider hitting zone, and helping to
save weight. That allows a higher MOI
(resistance to twisting) to be created with
weight placed in the hosel and toe. Not only
will your shots go further, if you strike the
ball wide off the sweet spot, the club will
work to stay square, for more accuracy.

Solid contact more often

To ensure that you have a greater chance of
making solid contact on each swing, this club
has a little more bounce and a contoured
leading edge. You’ll notice how sweet it
feels through the turf.

More consistency from the light rough

The curse of an approach shot from longer
grass is a flyer when moisture gets between
the ball and face. With the PING i200
moisture is repelled by a  hydropearl
chrome finish.

Along with the renowned PING fitting system (for shaft length, lie angle, grip), there are 7 shaft options.
We can match a shaft to swing speed and load, and match the weight to your preference and performance.

If you’re interested in hitting better, more consistent iron and approach shots this year, then come and talk to us. We think the PING i200
will be a club to look at, but every discussion about improving your golf should start with a conversation about your game.
Contact us.