PING revolutionized putter design 50 years ago
Is the PING Sigma G another revolution?

The PING Sigma G Putters offer innovation in MOI (for accuracy) and CoG placement (for a truer role),
but a huge step forward in distance control with patented ‘true face roll technology’.

Most of our regular golfers are bedeviled by the consequences of an inconsistent strike pattern on the face. Most putts miss the sweet spot slightly, either to the toe or heel. These mis-hits have a real impact on the distance the ball travels. True-roll face technology changes that. Towards the heel, toe or in the sweet spot, the ball will go nearly identical distances. 

Another negative impact of strikes to the toe or heel-side of the putter is that the head will twist impacting accuracy.
The larger face insert in the PING G Sigma family allows more weight to be placed in the heel and
toe for big MOI improvements (much less twisting).

The Sigma G family comes with a
number of different head designs.

There are improvements in feel, alignment, MOI and anti-skid properties,
but it’s the Patented Face Technology that is the next step in a revolution.

The face grooves or etchings are of different density and depth across the face.
A design to create consistent ball speed and roll across the face.

You have the choice of a ‘platinum’ or ‘black nickel’ finish.
PING has pioneered different options to
support different putting arcs.

There are options with contrasting face tones to assist in setup
and alignment.

All the options have increased stability and higher MOI.

Others have much higher MOI and deeper CoG positions
to improve launch and reducing skid.

This design revolution will give golfers the chance to reduce the number of 3-putts they experience,
and should also increase the number of putts made. But let’s start with a conversation about your putting performance, your putting stroke,
and how we can turn your putter into your personal magic wand.
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