Play, and look like a champion

“As game improvement technology gets smarter,

the need for a larger blade, thick topline, and lots of
offset starts to disappear. It is going to be possible to have
better looking, more compact irons that
perform for the regular golfer.”

Enter the PING G410

A compact, sleeker looking, high-performance iron.

There’s innovation in the face, materials, cavity structure and weighting to deliver faster ball speed
across the face and the highest MOI of any iron this size. That means more distance AND straighter shots more often.

A more flexible, free-moving face amplifies ball speed
across the width of the face. It also increases the
maximum height of your approach shots to give
you more stopping power in the mid-irons.

The perimeter weighting has been increased (that improves
the MOI to ensure a straighter and more powerful strike)
using weight saved from the innovation in the face,
materials, and cavity structure.

This iron doesn’t just look good, it sounds and feels great.

The cavity is filled with a badge to dampen vibrations. You’ll get a really positive feel at impact and powerful,
reassuring sound. The finish and sole design assist with a more positive contact.

We think this iron is going to be a real hit. Aspiring golfers who feel their game would benefit from more
consistency and distance, and who want a great look at address will love this iron.
Those who struggle to stop mid-irons on the green will benefit from the extra stopping power
created by the higher maximum height of the ball flight.