Golf with a twist
Play with a putting partner

Do you have a family member or friend who you’d like to get into golf? A great way to introduce them to the game is to have them join you for 9 holes as your putting partner. It’s also just a fun way to spend some quality time with friends or family.

“The time and skill it takes to negotiate a full 18 holes is a barrier to entry for most non-golfers. Putting out every hole over 9 holes with you is a far less intimidating way to experience the game and be on a golf course. It’s fun for you and them and is much more likely to inspire them to become golfers than a traditional playing format, range session, or lesson package would.”

Throw out the scorecard

Don’t restrict golf to an 18-hole, par-72, 4-hour experience. It can be so much more than that. You can choose how you want to enjoy golf each time you play. That may be a traditional format on one day and a 70-yard, 9-hole format on another day. Free yourself up to more ways of enjoying this great game.