3 steps to better par 3s
Set yourself up for success

Par 3s give you the opportunity to hit an ‘approach’ shot from a perfect lie. But many golfers aren’t taking advantage of that opportunity.

Step 2:
Tee up wisely

When using an iron, the head of the tee should be just visible above the grass. This position increases your chances of finding the hitting zone and getting full distance on your shot.

We see a lot of golfers tee their ball up way too high. This causes impact to be made higher on the face of the iron, outside of the hitting zone. Ball speed dips and you come up short.

You also want to think about where on the tee box you set up. Give yourself the best angle, taking into account your natural shot pattern, the shape of the hole, and what the wind is doing. Combine that with a good strike of the right club, and your chances of hitting the green are a lot higher.

Improve your par 3 performance

What area of your game could we improve to help you lower your average score on par 3s?

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