Shorten your journey from tee to green

When you’re able to get farther down the fairway from the tee, the rest of the hole becomes a lot easier. Your journey from tee to green can be shorter and more fun with the new Srixon ZX range of woods.

A new way to go farther down the fairway

“Like any other driver, the ZX face deforms inwardly at impact. But what differentiates the ZX is its dual Flex Zones at the toe and heel of the head that deform outwardly. When these two zones snap back, the energy transfer is far more efficient than other drivers."

ZX Driver at impact

Other drivers at impact

It’s also easier to go farther

The carbon crown of the ZX Drivers is now 15% larger. That means weight is repositioned lower and deeper in the clubhead, pushing up MOI and adding forgiveness.

Which one’s best for you?

With its higher launch and added forgiveness,
the ZX5 is for those of you looking for help hitting longer and
straighter drives.

With its more refined tour shape, penetrating
ball flight and adjustable weighting system, the ZX7 is for those of you
looking to fine-tune your trajectory.

“The right clubhead becomes even better when we pair it with the correct shaft, grip and loft for your swing. That’s how you’re going to go farther than you’ve ever gone before.”

Go for the green in two

The ZX Fairway packs quite a punch. That’s because it has Srixon’s Rebound Frame Technology in addition to what they’re calling a Cannon Sole. A floating weight pad placed just behind the face that improves face flex and ball speed.

Turn a challenge into a
scoring opportunity

You don’t only take the hybrid when you need to get out of trouble. The ZX Hybrid is low profile and compact, helping skilled players turn the most challenging shots into scoring chances.

Take full advantage

Don’t lose the advantages this technology gives you by playing something that isn’t fitted.