Straighten out the distance you already have
The new Callaway Big Bertha B21

Many of you have long searched for a driver that will remove, or at least significantly reduce, your push, fade or slice off the tee. Well, here’s a club that’s going to help you straighten your ball flight and get further down the fairway.

A.I. makes the difference, once again

With their MAVRIK line-up, Callaway introduced A.I. to face design. They’ve used it again here. The B21’s Flash Face SS21 is even bigger and springy where it counts, giving you more ball speed across the face. This enabled the designers to lower CoG while pushing weight way back in the clubhead, making the B21 forgiving of mishits while lowering spin. That combination is music to the ears of any golfer losing it right.

Can the B21 fix your slice?

Words and imagery might help you understand how incredible this new driver is, but nothing replaces experience. The best way to learn how the new Big Bertha B21 can change your game, is to hit it yourself.

A completely new weighting system

Callaway has concentrated the weight of the B21 clubhead in three spots; the rear, the heel and the face. This triangular weighting system is a first for Callaway and has two important benefits for you.

Reduced sidespin

Because the CoG is lower and more forward, the ball launches with consistently less spin. That means straighter trajectory and more distance.

Added forgiveness

Pushing weight all the way back in the clubhead increasesits MOI, helping you launch it even when you don’t middle it.

This driver isn’t only for golfers with slower swing speeds. In fact, Callaway say that during their testing, golfers with higher swing speeds and inconsistent strike patters would get even more excessive side-spin and be even worse off. With the new B21, golfers of all swing speeds enjoy straighter ball flight, that’s always good for distance.

What’s the difference?

The B21 might seem very similar to Callaway’s MAVRIK Max Driver. Yes, they’re both going to help you hit the ball straighter, but there is one very important difference. Spin.

Mid spin, mid launch

High draw bias.

Low spin, high launch

Maximum draw bias.

Take full advantage of technology

For new golf club technology to have the biggest positive impact on your game, it needs to match your swing and playing style. We’ll help you find your perfect fit.