It’s not on an even keel

This shape is critical to being able to unlock all the benefits of speed, distance, and consistency, you want see from your tee shots.

“Aerodynamics usually compromise launch and forgiveness. Forgiveness usually compromises aerodynamics and distance. The TaylorMade SIM Drivers compromise none of these. There is a lot of aerodynamics built into the design, but the keel is key to unlocking both speed (through downswing and impact) AND forgiveness (a lower deeper center of gravity). That means the clubhead arrives at the ball a few mph faster, and then you launch the ball high enough and with lower spin to get the longest possible carry”.

Almost illegal

The curvature of the face reduces slices or hooks, but how do they create such fast ball speeds from such a large area of the face?

“On the initial build, the faces are actually illegal they’re that fast. But computer-testing then controls how much injected foam is inserted behind the face to bring the face back to the legal limits of speed”.

Make it your setup

We can adjust loft up and down 2o (to change the launch and spin) and the face angle open and closed 4o either way (to help you find more fairways).

Even more personal

One the standard SIM model only we can also create the draw or fade bias or neutral setting using the weight track.

Choose your face and result

Three models offering different results.

“The SIM MAX has a face that is 8% larger than the SIM. It also has more built-in forgiveness and a naturally higher launch. The SIM MAX D has a super-forgiving, 18% larger face, and a built-in draw bias to straighten fades and slices”.

Change your whole game

Hit more fairways and reduce the length of approach shot required next, and you create more opportunities for magical moments in your round. That’s why we’d like every one of our golfers to invest the time in matching their swing and launch DNA to the perfect driver setup with us. You’re not buying a new driver; you’re buying a better golf experience on every hole.