TaylorMade SIM MAX & MAX OS

The bridge to better

Extra ball speed and a towering launch need a face that is thinner and “springier”, but that performance needs to be constructed into a head with stability. Hence the engeinering behind the unique TaylorMade speed bridge.

With the bridge, you now get more ball speed generated off a much broader area of the thinner, faster face.

Most golfers will strike the ball low on the face, so the slot in the sole, allows those lower strikes to not only retain speed, but also set off on the towering launch we want.

Everything about this design aids launch. The thinner face and top line, enabled by the bridge, means more weight in the insert in the undercut. That also improves feel and sound.

The bridge also contributes to a design feature to improve accuracy. The inverted cone is placed differently for each loft, allowing the mid and longer irons to have a placement toward the tone. That improves contact consistency and stability.

Those who want the maximum of everything, including ease of use, should try out the SIM MAX OS Irons with their oversized head. Larger hitting zone, more launch assistance, more stability. Easy to use.

A final adjustment to better

What improvements do you want to your iron play and approach shots? Would the TaylorMade SIM Irons help? How can we make sure that you get the right shaft and lie angle to exploit this new design? How does ‘better’ translate to more enjoyment from your game and your time on the course?