Golf with a twist
Tee off without the tee box

Tee boxes don’t have to be the rule. You can treat them like a suggestion. Is the carry from the tee box to the fairway too long? Then walk up to where the fairway starts and tee up from there. Even if carry isn’t an issue, you can tee up from wherever you like.

“Golf doesn’t have to be confined to a 4-hour experience. If you’ve got an hour after work, doesn’t 9 holes of 70-yard golf sound like a much better option than jogging on tarmac or in a crowded gym? And you’ll still be able to spend the evening with your loved ones, or better yet, have them join you.”

Throw out the scorecard

Don’t restrict golf to an 18-hole, par-72, 4-hour experience. It can be so much more than that. You can choose how you want to enjoy golf each time you play. That may be a traditional format on one day and a 70-yard, 9-hole format on another day. Free yourself up to more ways of enjoying this great game.