Looking for more short-game accuracy
The Cleveland CBX Wedges

Test yourself with five shots from 30 yards.
How far are you from the flag on average?
Would a Wedge with a larger hitting
zone get you closer?

85% of golfers play cavity back Irons to
provide better consistency of ball striking.
Surely you want that consistency with
your scoring shots, too?

Weight in the perimeter and sole of the Cleveland CBX Wedges makes consistent ball striking easier.

Cleveland Golf’s Feel Balancing technology
centres the sweet spot and hitting zone,
for even more consistency.

Even the sole has been designed to improve
your consistency of ball striking.

Pick up the Cleveland CBX Wedge and notice two V angles on the sole.
One is front to back to make it easier to cut through the turf.

The second is heel to toe, to make ‘open face shots’ and sand shots more consistent.  

We think the Cleveland Golf CBX Wedges are a great opportunity for the vast majority of golfers to improve their short-game consistency and accuracy.
But, this conversation starts with an assessment of your scoring shot performance and technique.
From there, we’ll find the quickest route to a better short-game.