The PING G400 Driver comes in three options to offer us the chance to fully personalise your tee-shot solution.
The best performance comes from a fully fitted Driver. 

The regular G400 will be the model for
many of our golfers. Lots of support
on launch. Very, very forgiving.
Faster club head speed, and
a faster ball speed off the face.
What’s not to like? 

The PING G400 SFT will help golfers who
struggle to close the face at impact,
and struggle with a fade or slice.
More heel side weight makes it
easier to rotate the face to square
and even get a right to left flight.

The PING G400 LFT is especially effective for
those with a faster swing speed who need
to lower spin rate. The CoG is moved
forward to create less spin, a more
penetrating ball flight, and a longer,
straighter, carry. 

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