The ‘ripple effect’: a winner even for better players

Srixon Z765 Driver

The 445cc head and the design of this club
makes it effective for golfers creating ball
speeds with a fairly consistent swing.

It creates a neutral and penetrating ball flight
on a trajectory that is lower than the
trajectory the Z 565 will generate.

Like the Srixon Z565, the Z765 benefits from clubhead design improvements, especially improvements that allow the head
and face to flex more. 

Most golfers pay too little attention to the shaft beyond the flex rating.
But stability under a lot of pressure often requires shaft materials that add weight.
New materials used in the Miyazaki Kaula shafts are designed to increase distance with lighter weight profiles,
while maintaining stability and control.

With the Z65 series Drivers we can adjust loft,
face angle and lie to match your swing path,
plane, angle of attack and preference for
ball flight.

As well as adjusting the CG location we
can also change the feel of the driver
to match your preference.