When chasing the flag,
you need a versatile Fairway that
makes it easier for you to hit greens

The new TaylorMade M1 and M2 Fairways

Choose the shape of
your trajectory

The weight track houses a 25 gram
sliding weight that enables us to adjust
the M1 Fairway to your swing so you
can get the shape you’re after more easily
and more consistently.

There’s also a 4 degree loft sleeve that
gives us even more room to personalize
the club for you.

Much larger hitting zone

The sliding weight track has been shifted
backwards to make space for a new
open-channel Speed Pocket.
This increases ball speed and forgiveness
across the face making it easier for you
to consistently hit longer shots.

Easier to get the ball up
and flying straight

The crown is made from the same 6-layer
carbon composite as the new M drivers,
while 450 stainless steel makes up the body.

This has lowered the CG even more,
making it easier to get the ball airborne.

Higher ball speed, more forgiveness and distance across the entire face

Protect distance and direction even
when you don’t strike it perfectly

The Inverted Cone Technology that makes
the TaylorMade M1 driver face so hot is now
in the M2 fairway for the first time ever.

Add to that the improved Speed Pocket
which is more flexible than before for higher
energy transfer and ball speed and you’ve
got a massive hitting zone.

Playability from a wide
variety of lies

Geocoustic technology features two tiered
sole shaping and external sound ribs for
great feel and playability as well as best
in-class sound at impact.

Getting close or onto the green from a long way out is not only a huge boost of confidence,
but it also gives you a better chance of shooting a lower score, which is something every golfer enjoys.
The equipment and technology is there, now let’s set it up for your game so you can get there.

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