Many of our golfers are swinging at 90mph or less, often with a year-on-year decline in that swing speed. This driver reverses that decline and allows a faster clubhead speed and a faster ball speed in three ways.

It's ultra-lightweight and therefore easier to swing faster. Tungsten is used in the butt end of the shaft to help promote a better release as you attempt to square the face. It encourages a straighter, even draw, ball flight.

Like many drivers now, the TSi1 has considerable investment into the aerodynamics of the design to allow your energy to create a slight increase in clubhead speed. Remember, every 1mph swing speed is 2mph ball speed and nearly 4 extra yards.

The draw bias created in the shaft and head design allows the CoG to be face-centered. That means faster ball speeds out of the center while still finding the fairway. Incidentally, if you didn’t already know, the material in the face is new. It’s an aerospace-grade material used on the Mars Rover.

To further promote distance, the TSi1 has a deep CoG location that promotes the higher launch angle and higher spin rate; those swinging at under 90mph need to lengthen their carry.

Watch what the expert from Titleist has to say:

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