It’s what happens off the face of this driver that counts the most.

This driver has an aerospace-grade material face (it's ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-flexible, but ultra-strong) with a very high level of consistency of launch characteristic and ball speed across a much larger area. You will be long and accurate more often.

It also has a highly aerodynamic shape to maximize clubhead speed. Along with such a high level of forgiveness, we expect this driver to be a real favorite of a large group of our golfers. It will improve the experience of those who might be categorized as enjoying game improvement benefits.   

And all the Tsi Drivers come with the ability to adjust loft and lie independently of one another. Personalizing your driver is much easier for us.

If you want more clarity on the difference between the TSi2 and TSi3, then please watch this video:

Get your biggest improvement

The Titleist range of drivers comes with so much ability for us to personalize the configuration and setup that we can unlock your maximum potential. Fitting this driver changes your game.