Those with more consistent face strike patterns and a more consistent swing path and angle of attack are going to love the ‘TOUR FITTING VAN in a clubhead’ this driver offers. First, the surefit technology allows us to tune loft and lie angle independently.

That allows not only to set up the perfect launch angle, but tune your face angle at impact.

Then we can personalize ball flight. That’s five settings that allow us to reposition your center of gravity to a neutral or four different heel/toe positions to promote a fade or draw.

Four featured shafts and there are three premium Tour AD shafts. We can precisely tune the performance of your driver. 

We are reaching the limit of improvement that technology innovations can deliver. Regulations now hold back the designers. But that doesn’t matter because the big distance, consistency, and accuracy improvements are delivered by the sort of fitting and personalization we can deliver to you with the whole TSi range, especially the TSi3.

Get your biggest improvement

The Titleist range of drivers comes with so much ability for us to personalize the configuration and setup that we can unlock your maximum potential. Fitting this driver changes your game.